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A basic Microsoft windows Win32 C++ API


I have been working on EZWin on and off for a while now so there is already a lot that it can do.

Currently I am mainly working on the API documentation which I am hoping will be available soon to those interested.

EZWin currently has basic classes for:

  • Basic Windows;
  • MainWindows and MDI Windows;
  • Buttons;
  • Textedit and single line edit controls;
  • Toolbars;
  • Menus and menu items, including popup menus;
  • Treeviews;
  • Listviews;
  • Common dialogs;
  • Pane splitters; and
  • Listboxes

Extra support of other common controls will hopefully be added soon.

Also, if there is any interest in an opengl window, I will add one, most likely as a seperate library that uses ezwin.

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