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A basic Microsoft windows Win32 C++ API


Welcome to EZWin, an IDE independant, basic Win32 toolkit for C++.

For those who have had to program in win32, there have been a number of major development environments available.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, but (focusing just on the provided API of the environment), often are:

  • The environment tries to provide a "can do everything" environment that makes the resultant libraries large and full of unused code.
  • There are a dependancies on a number of libraries in order for the application to run.
  • The programming environments are fixed to an IDE with changes in this often difficult to achieve.

EZWin tries to overcome these problems. It is a small toolkit that interfaces directly to the win32 API, making it dependant on only the standard windows API libraries. It also will work with Microsoft Visual C and Borland C, and in all probability, any other windows compiler. ALl functionality is kept as basic as possible.

Add to this the fact that it a free library, licenced by LGPL, it allows both freeware and commercial entities to use it.

EZWin is NOT a cross platform library. It has been designed for win32 programming only.

See the ezwin sourceforge page for more project details.

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